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and a strategy for the new evangelization

social media

For the first time in history, the playing field for media distribution has been leveled. The new
generation of media consumers is more interested in authenticity, engaging content, and transparency than slick graphics, perfect hair and over-edited messages. Today, successful media marketing is not pushed upon an audience; rather the audience connects with the message and has the unique ability, and desire, to share that message. Thus, our marketing strategy for Hound of Heaven is simple:


• It will be shared organically. Concise, unique content that can’t be found anywhere else motivates viewers to share it—the sort of sharing that tends to multiply dramatically, potentially going “viral.”

• It has a receptive audience. Our broad target demographic is people who are spending extensive time online watching shorter media—an average of 7 hours a day. This audience already has a daily habit of consuming content on social-media platforms, and is particularly attracted to celebrity name association.

• Real and authentic content. Today’s media consumers can “sniff out” fake news, false teaching, or any whiff of being “sold to” or “lied to.” Hound of Heaven cuts to the core and shares “Truth”; while sometimes controversial and counter-cultural, it has a message that will resonate with our audience.

• Hot topics get hot traffic. Hound of Heaven will distribute its media online across all available platforms with “keyworded/hashtagged” topics that will rise to the top. For instance: if the culture is discussing the pro-life debate, HOH episodes that engage that topic will be highlighted and featured.

• Connecting a community of influencers. Hound of Heaven has already found a fan base with existing social-media influencers who are introducing their audience to this content. The fastest way to build a new audience is by connecting with people who already have built an existing audience.

• Traditional media will cover Hounds of Heaven. We are seeing opportunities from traditional media outlets who find Fr. Darrin and his approach and content unique and newsworthy. The media loves to cover the media; this is a story that is going to be told.

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